List Of All Scholarships for African Students to Study In USA With Free Visa

Do you want to study abroad in the USA on Scholarship? A number of American universities and organizations offer Masters or PhD and undergraduate scholarships for African students to study abroad. Some of these full scholarships for African students are offered specifically for international students from Africa.

Every year there is this influx of students from Africa into the US who either want to start schooling or those who wants to continue their studies.

Ask a typical African Student a question “Where do you Like to Study?” With no hesitation, the Answer becomes “I will love to Study in the USA“.  Finally, such a person ends up Studying in one of the Local Universities in their various Countries.

Scholarships for African Students

Here is the Problem!

The African Students devotes less time to carefully follow and Study Scholarship trends and maximize every opportunity at their disposal. This problem has caused many students the opportunity to study not only in the USA but in other parts of the world. Most of the time the opportunity we need to make our Living a worthwhile is that simple information we have neglected

World Scholarship Forum for African students has made it so easy for you to get through the stress of waiting for USA scholarships for African Students one after the other.

Most of us are victims of this challenge. If you’re such a person, this post that contents a comprehensive list of Full Scholarships for African Students is designed for you.

If you an African student and looking for scholarships for African students to study in U.S. There are many scholarships available for African students, These are available as full scholarships for African students or undergraduate scholarships for African students to study abroad, which can be funded as government scholarships, Foundation scholarships, or University scholarships.


Full Scholarships for African Students

Our list for scholarships in USA for African students named as MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program, the Fulbright Foreign Student Program, the Imomoh Scholarship, ExxonMobil Middle East and North Africa Scholars Program, the Inclusive Education Scholarship Program, the African Water Association, etc.

undergraduate scholarships for African students to study abroad

Scholarships in USA for African students are available to help the undergraduate, graduate students, high school students, PhD students, and master students to study in any college or university as mentioned.

These full scholarships for African students can help them in many ways such as educational purposes, tuition, fees and books, housing, food, living expenses, and health insurance etc.

Students form Which African Country is Eligible to Study in the USA

This question has been asked by many students from different African Country. “Please is my Countries Eligible to Apply for the Scholarship in USA?”

Every country in Africa is eligible to Apply for any scholarship meant for African Students. The Special cases seen in this scenario is that some institutions, government establishments clearly specify the Eligible Countries for the USA Scholarship.

Some of the donors specify whether the Scholarship is designed for UndergraduatePostgraduate, and Research. Students.

Whenever a scholarship is termed specifically for African Students, then you’re Eligible to Apply

What do I stand to Gain If I Apply for Any scholarships in USA for African Students

There are a lot of Scholarship benefits for Students to win a USA Scholarship. These Include:

  • A Student VISA,
  • All Expense trip to the USA
  • Free Tuition fee
  • Feeding
  • Accommodation
  • Books
  • Stipends 

All these Scholarships for African students benefit are all dependent on the Scholarship Provider. The Scholarships come as either Fully Funded or Tuition Waiver Scholarships. First, you must get an American VISA.

With this, I want to leave you with the opportunities available for African Students to Study in the USA. Grab this opportunity now and don’t wait till the deadlines!


Undergraduate scholarships for African students to study abroad

Well, not forgetting the essence of this article in the first place, Below is a comprehensive list of Full Scholarships for African students to study abroad offered yearly. starting with some specific scholarships in USA for African students.  These scholarships for international students were offered last and previous years at the time of publishing this list.

If the deadline has passed, you can take note of them for future application. These Scholarships cover undergraduate scholarships for African students to study abroad and masters scholarships for African students and PhD scholarships as well.

Full scholarships for African students

Nigerian are always on the lookout to find opportunities where ever they can. scholarships in USA for African students is one of those opportunities, which you cant let elude you. If you are a Nigerian looking for scholarships for international studentshere are some scholarships you can search for that can help you in your studies in USA.

  • Stanford University MasterCard Foundation scholarship For Nigerians
  • Fulbright scholarships for Nigerians
  • Hubert H.Humphrey fellowship for Nigerians
  • 7up Harvard Business School scholarships for Nigerian students

1. $10,000 PULLMAN SCHOLARSHIP 2019 

The George M. Pullman Educational Foundation Scholarship helps ensure that exceptionally promising students with financial need can earn a college degree without the burden of severe financial debt.

Pullman Foundation Scholarship providers have brought to the understanding of people that hard work and passion in pursuit of one’s goals can land him or her a scholarship.

This is a scholarship that is focused on rewarding individuals who has the ability to overcome challenges and become relevant in the society.


2. Be More Scholarships for High School Students in US, 2019

Be More Scholarship is an ongoing scholarship program that is opened to all college students and high school seniors who live or perhaps attend school in the Texas State and will have a chance to earn as much as $2,500 for their college tuition fee. It is sponsored by BOUNCE ENERGY.

3. IFT Feeding Tomorrow Scholarships for Students in US, 2019

The IFT Feeding Tomorrow Scholarship is available for freshman, undergraduates, graduates, and interns who wish to obtain degrees in varying sciences related to food in any university or college in the country.

The Scholarship is taken and hosted in the United States.  If you are an international student and you desire to study in the United States, Check out the best scholarships obtainable for study in the United States



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